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Protection Textiles

Warestrom Global is a leading manufacturer of protective clothing which includes High Altitude Clothing or Extreme Climate Clothing and Fire Retardent Clothing . Our custom coated material solutions are engineered specifically for highly-demanding usage.


EXTREME” COLD WEATHER CLOTHING SYSTEM was started in the 1980’s with garments originally developed by the United States Military for soldiers faced with cold environments for extended periods of time. Over the years the ECWCS system has gone through multiple improvements with technology advancement and material evolution. The most advanced and most popular is ECWCS Generation III.

We at Warestrom are developing Cold weather gear for the Indian consumer and commercial market using the same principles of 7 layers generation III system. We believe that this will revolutionize the mountaineering and cold weather sports market giving them access to modular, comfortable and light gear at affordable prices

This Clothing Can Be Used For

Military and Defence Personnel

Military & Defence Personnel



High Altitude/ Cold Weather Workers

High Altitude/ Cold Weather Workers

Arctic Researchers/Explorers

Arctic Researchers/Explorers

The seven levels are

Level 1 – Lightweight base layers

Level 2 – Midweight base layers

Level 3 – Fleece cold weather jacket

Level 4 – Wind cold weather jacket

Level 5 – Soft shell jacket and trousers

Level 6 – Extreme cold and/or wet weather jacket and trousers

Level 7 – Extreme cold weather parka and trousers


  • Water repellent outer layer
  • Allows body moisture to evaporate
  • Wind proof
  • All natural Inner layers(merino wool or yak wool)
  • Oder resistant
  • Modular, garment layers can be used in different combinations as per the environmental needs.
  • Comfortable in -60 F or -50 C