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Medical Textiles

Warestrom global is a leading medical clothing manufacturer. At Warestrom global, we understand the uncompromising demands of today’s Health Industry. Our products offer comfort and strength which can be engineered to additionally deliver added benefits like protection and stability to sterilization.

We supply quality products in line to the demand from various hospitals , private nursing homes and other medical establishments. All our products fulfill mandatory license approvals from the government.

We are specialized in Class 3 and Class 4 Medical Garments

AAMI Class 3/ IS 17334 Class 2
AAMI Class 3/ IS 17334 Class 2

SMS fabric

AAMI Class 4/ IS 17334 Class 3
AAMI Class 4/ IS 17334 Class 3

SMS/SFS Fabric Poly Reinforced

Classification of Surgical Gowns

India Class 0/ USA Class-1India Class 1/ US Class-2Class Level 2/ Class-3Class 3/USA Class 4
Simple excision biopsiesTonsillectomies adenoidectomiesMastectomiesAny procedure in which the surgeon’s hands and arms are in a body cavity
Excision of “lumps and bumps”Endoscopic gastrointestinal proceduresArthroscopic orthopedic proceduresOrthopedic procedures during which tourniquets are not used
Ophthalmological proceduresSimple orthopedic procedures with tourniquetsEndoscopic urological procedures (such as transurethral prostate resections [TURP])Open cardiovascular or thoracic procedures
Simple Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) proceduresOpen hernia repairOpen gastrointestinal and genito-urinary proceduresTrauma procedures
Minimally invasive surgery (MIS)Cesarean sections
Interventional radiology or catheter laboratory procedures

Surgical Gowns

To avoid transmissions of pathogens from doctors to patients and vice versa. We design and develop products based on global needs and response which comply with highest quality standards specifications and comfort for users. You can select from various quality of Reinforced gown, Surgeon gowns, Cathlab gown, etc

All gowns are classified as per AAMI requirements and Standards. As per ASMI/AAMI PB70, EN 13795 and BIS’s IS 17334

Hospital Uniforms

Warestrom offers comfortable medical scrubs and apparel for men and women at best price. We supplying all types of healthcare dresses – Nursing uniforms, medical apron, patient apparel, doctor coat, scrub suits, patient gowns, lab coats. We understand that due to long working hours healthcare professionals need comfortable attire hence, we are using highly comfortable and breathable fabric in our uniforms. We are a one stop solution for medical uniform supplies.

Particle element

Compression Garments

Compression garment is an inseparable part of postoperative care. Being the leading medical clothing manufacturer, Top-quality materials, are used at Warestrom. These are tested from time to time to ensure quality. A large number of people who benefitted from our solutions is the greatest motivation to work relentlessly in this domain for our company. All our products have an appropriate license from the Government.

Protective Apparel

We manufacture Personal Protective Equipment to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing the exposure to a biological agent.

Testing Standards

List of ISO and Standards

Micobiological MonitoriingManufacturingISO 14698
Air monitoring clean roomManufacturingISO 14644-1
SeterlizationManufacturingISO 11135IS 11135
PackagingManufacturingISO 11607 1 & 2
MethodsManufacturingMedical Device Rule 2017FDA Sterilzation Methods
Seterlization ValidationManufacturingISO 11137-1,2
ISO 11138-7
ISO 10993-7
Impact PenetrationsQualityISO 18695AATCC 42
Hyrdrostatic ResistanceQualityISO 811AATCC 127EN 20811
Blood ResistanceQualityIS 16546ASTM 1670
Viral ResistanceQualityIS 16545ASTM 1671
Partical ReleaseQualityIS 15891 (Part 10)ISO 9973
Tensile Strength ( Dry & Wet)QualityNonwowen: IS 15891 (Part 3)
Woven: IS 1969 (p1)
EN 29073-3
Bursting Strength (Dry & Wet)QualityIS 1966 (Part 1)EN 13938-1
Cleaniless-MicrobialQualityISO11737-1EN 13938-1
Resistance to Mucrobial PenetQualityIS 16548ISO 22612 and 10
CytotoxicityQualityIS/ISO 10993-5
Irritation SensitizationQualityISO 10993-10
Moisture Vapour Transmission RateQualityISO 11092
ClassificationCertificationsBIS 17334ANSI/AAMI PB70EN 13795-1